Armada Coach Villarreal Thrilled With Regions Talent

After two long soccer-filled weekends, coach José Luis Villarreal of  Jacksonville Armada FC, which will begin their inaugural NASL season in the 2015, states just how pleasantly surprised he was with the talented players in Northeast Florida.

“Overall, I am truly impressed, especially with the talent level of the regional players. Actually, the majority of the players that I like have been from Jacksonville,” said Villarreal. “Mostly because they understood the drills that we asked them to do. We gave them tough drills and they responded well.”

The Jacksonville Armada FC concluded their two sets of tryouts this past weekend in which Villarreal and his coaching staff saw about 300 players total. These athletes traveled from all around the world to showcase their talent. After dynamic drills, tough scrimmages, and plenty of water breaks, what’s next for the club?

“The next steps are to individually analyze all the players. We had about 180 players come out to the open tryouts and about 90 players come out this past weekend to the invitational, so together with my coaching staff we have our work cut out for us. We are going to work hard this week and pick players to move on to the next level of training with the Armada FC,” said Villarreal.

Villarreal also goes on to explain how unfortunately not all of the players could be chosen but that doesn’t mean that they should give up.

“The world definitely doesn’t end here for them. Soccer has a lot of opportunities for everyone. I hope that no obstacle prevents them from continuing to pursue their dreams,” said Villarreal.

On behalf of the Armada FC, he thanks all those that came out and worked hard, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed. The club is nowhere near completing their roster, but it has certainly kicked-off on the right foot.